Reasons for the End Standard Time Petition

Almost everybody loves the additional hour of sleep during the autumn season but when it is spring time and one has to lose one hour it brings about unavoidable consequences. This is the reason why there has been a petition to the governments to end the daylight saving time. The people petitioning have the following reasons why they are petitioning.
The impacts of end daylight saving time are far much beyond the one hour of sleep. It messes up with the people's circadian rhythm which is not healthy. It is also not productive. Another reason they say is that most of the workers are more predisposed to making mistakes due to lack of sleep during the days that follow the start of daylight saving time. There are a lot of injuries that occur at the workplaces during these days and this result to employers losing lots of money for compensation. Additionally, the economy drags significantly due to these injuries that make people not work thus reducing the country's income. click

The other reason they say is that the schooling students also suffer too much because of more studies and failing exams after the time change. This mostly affects the secondary school scholars. This way they need to stick to their normal timing for better performance. 
The petitioner says that the time change is not good for people's health because changing sunlight exposure prevents melatonin production from our bodies. Melatonin is a hormone in our bodies that promote sleeps. They say that this can cause insomnia that would last for a longer time during the time change. The health effects are many also because there has been research that indicates that during the tie change the heart attacks increases by a higher percentage. about

Because daylight saving time was as a result of saving fuel and energy during the world war 2. It should stop because the war ended a long time and is not effective at this era. They say that in the modern world the economy is twenty-four seven and not the eight to five.
The policy has to end in order to avoid all the above harmful effects. Also, there cannot be an interruption of the earth's rotation and the biological clocks. This way the authority should come up with ways of legislating the policy and end the daylight saving time immediately. This way there will not be the impacts that result because of it.