Reasons for the Petition to End Daylight Saving Time

The daylight saving time was developed as a way to help people utilize the daytime light. Therefore people are required to adjust their clocks, for example, to move it forward with one hour so that it can synchronize with the sunrise; this is because during certain seasons the sunrise may be earlier than others meaning that the sunset will also be early. Therefore if people do not adjust their clocks, you will be waking up when the sun has already risen and returned home when it is very dark. Therefore to take full advantage of the day's light and conserve energy the daylight saving time was necessary.

The petition to end the daylight saving time is being proposed by people who dispute the benefits of this method. These people argue that using  end standard time petition time method have no impact on the energy conservation; this means that it is tough to prove that daylight saving time method plays any role in energy saving; this is because it is common to find people with the lights on even during the day. Thus it does not make sense to continue using this daylight saving time system.

The end these petition supporters also argue that adjusting their clock affects the time they wake up each morning during the year; this is because by using the daylight saving time system they are periods on the year you will be waking up earlier or later than your average time. Thus the petitioners argue that the daylight saving time system affects the sleeping patterns of the people. Thus this will affect the productivity of the people negatively during specific periods of the year. Also, the end daylight saving petition supports also argue that this system makes them more prone to causing accidents; this is because the irregular sleep patterns affect the brain ability to concentrate. Thus people may end being involved in an unusually high number of accidents.

The end standard time petition is growing in popularity with more and more people refusing to adjust the time of their clocks. Also, there is a growing promotion of the end standard time petition. With the goal of convincing the public on the need to end the daylight saving time system. Nowadays many economies are operating 24\7; therefore, it does not make sense to adjust the clocks' time to be in line with the sunrise and sunset patterns.